60 Artists Pencils in Tin

These 60 Artists Pencils in Tin are a fantastic way to encourage your child’s artistic side. Actually these pencils are of such a high quality that they would be ideal for serious artists as well. In this set you get a good mix of colours. More than enough to really let you imagination run wild. They also come with a very nice looking tin that will keep all the pencils safe and together.

In this set there are five different styles of pencil. There are 12 metallic coloured pencils, 12 charcoal pencils, 12 watercolour pencils, 12 lead pencils and 12 arctic coloured pencils. What is great about having these different style of pencils is that it is going to really let you create some very interesting drawings. You can experiment with different kinds of pencils and amaze yourself at what you can come up with.

Now while all these different styles of pencil may sound a little bit daunting to people who just want a set of colours to have fun with. The 60 Artists Pencils in Tin set is perfect for children who love to spend time using colouring books. The amount of different colours and styles of pencils mean that no matter if they have a Marvel Superheroes, Disney Frozen or another kind of colouring book. The different colours and styles will allow them to really make the pictures they are colouring leap from the page. Also those of you who are into the modern craze of adult colouring books are going to be able to have a lot of fun with these.

These are very high quality pencils and those who know stationery and art supplies know that the Scribbles logo means that these are high quality and will not break easily like cheaper pencils tend to do. This is a great set for those who want to let their creative flag fly or even those who just want to relax and have a bit of fun with a colouring book.