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  • Sherlock Holmes The Three Students

    Mr Holmes – I beg for your assistance. I cannot engage the police. If news of this dreadful scandal were to reach the public, the reputation of this university would be utterly destroyed. A leisurely research trip turns into a race against time when Professor Soames comes to Holmes and Watson with a bizarre mystery. Three students are suspected of cheating – can Holmes solve the case in time for the examination to go ahead ?

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  • Sherlock Holmes A Study In Scarlet

    Body thought to be that of E.J. Drebber discovered last night in empty London house. No obvious cause of death. Address given as Cleveland, Ohio. Any information would be appreciated. After a mysterious murder leaves the police baffled, the world’s best amateur detective is aksed to investigate. With Dr Watson at his side, Sherlock Holmes sets about uncovering a quest for revenge that runs far deeper than anybody suspected.

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  • Sherlock Holmes The Sign of the Four

    Be at the third pillar from the left outside the Lyceum Theatre tonight at seven o’clock. You are a wronged woman and shall have justice. Do not bring police. If you do, all will be in vain. When Holmes is aksed to look into a cryptic message received by Mary Morstan, neither he nor Warson expect to be drawn into a decades-old web of betrayal. Soon they’re conducting dangerous moonlit expeditions to uncover the meaning of the sign of the four, and resolve a long-buried crime.

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  • Sherlock Holmes The Blue Carcuncle

    A valuable jewel known as the Blue Carbuncle was stolen from the jewel case of the Countess of Morcar yesterday. A reward of £1000 has been offered by the countess for information leading to the stone’s return … While the police work to trace the missing diamond, Holmes attempts to reunite a Christmas dinner and its owner. But when the detective comes across the jewel, Holmes and Watson find themselves in a race against time to save an innocent man’s life.

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  • Sherlock Holmes The Speckled Band

    It is with great sadness that we report the death of Miss Julia Stoner of Stoke Moran. The cause of death remains unknown. The mysterious noises last heard around the time of Julia’s death are back. Her sister Helen knows it is simply a matter of time before she suffers the same fate. There is a dark plot afoot, and the only way to catch the culprit is to walk into a deadly trap …

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  • Sherlock Holmes The Red-Headed League

    The Red-Headed League is looking for a new member to assist with minor tasks. The salary for this position will be four pounds a week. All red-headed men in good health and over the age of twenty-one will be considered. After Jabez Wilson’s well-paid position with the Red-Headed League ends with no warning, he asks Holmes to find out why. What starts out as a straightforward investigation turns into a midnight stake-out as Holmes attempts to prevent a shocking crime.

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  • Sherlock Holmes The Reigate Squires

    William Kirwan, coachman for the Cunningham family, was killed last night defending his master’s property. This is the second break-in to occur in this area in under a week. Keen to help Holmes recover from a particularly stressful case, Watson arranges for them to visit a friend in the country. But after a robbery baffles the local police, Holmes is drawn into a web of lies, blackmail and murder. It’s up to him to identify the villians – if he survives the case, that is . . .

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  • Sherlock Holmes The Naval Treaty

    Watson, so you think you could bring your friend, Mr Sherlock Holmes, down to see me? My position at the Foreign Office seemed safe until this horrble disaster. I fear my career is ruined! War becomes a real threat after a top-secret document is stolen from the Foreign Office. But why has the theif waited ten weeks to sell the treaty? Holmes and Watson are plunged into a world of international diplomacy only to find that danger can come from unexpected quarters.

    $12.99 inc GST
  • Sherlock Holmes The Sussex Vampire

    Sir – Our client, Mr Robert Ferguson has made an enquiry concerning vampires. Holmes and Watson take on their strangest case yet when a distraught husband comes to them desperate to understand his wife’s weird behaviour. He’s caught her sucking the blood of their baby son! But there’s no such thing as a vampire . . . is there ?

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  • Sherlock Holmes The Vieled Lodger

    Seven years ago a disturbing incident took place in the village of Abbas Parva. Mr Ronder, owner of Ronder’s Wild Animals Show, met his end after an escaped lion attacked him. Holmes is confronted with an old mystery when he is summoned to visit a lady who refuses to show her face. A grisly crime committed seven years ago has had terrible consequences, and it is up to Holmes to save the veiled lodger from her own conscience.

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  • The Sherlock Holmes Children’s Collection : Shadows, Secrets and Stolen Treasure

    A simplification of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, perfect for young fans of mystery books. A great introduction to classics for children aged 7+.

    This ten book set includes A Study In Scarlet, The Sign of the Four, The Blue Carbuncle, The Speckled Band, The Naval Treaty, The Sussex Vampire, The Red Headed League and The Three Students.

    $129.90 inc GST
  • DC Comics: Superman: Man of Steel Collection

    The Man of Steel Collection contains five Hardback stories: I Am Superman, Escape from the Phantom Zone, Superman Versus the Silver Banshee, Day of Doom and Superman Versus Bizarro.

    $39.99 inc GST
  • The Inca Adventure

    Join Ned, Ruby, and Mungo the dog as set off on a trip to south America, in search of high adventure! They’re off on a code-cracking, maze-solving, clue-finding quest… Each puzzle is tied to the plot, so children can get really involved in the fun and exciting adventure story that runs throughout the book.

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  • Construct It Stephensons Rocket

    Learn basic engineering concepts wile creating and having fun on your own or with friends. Helps develop manipulative and problem solving skills.

    $29.99 inc GST
  • Construct It Flying Scotsman

    Learn basic engineering concepts wile creating and having fun on your own or with friends. Helps develop manipulative and problem solving skills.

    $34.99 inc GST
  • Re-Con 6.0 Programmable Rover

    The Programmable Rover is a toy, a robot, and most importantly, a tool for learning! Kids can program this Rover to navigate specified courses to deliver a treat to a pet, surprise a family member with a personalized message, carry a soda, guard a bedroom, or just dance. With a spiral bound Owner’s Manual, kids will begin work through guided projects building their knowledge for the more advanced operating techniques. This cleverly crafted guide helps get the Rover rolling and will inspire the next level of learning – charting one’s own adventures.

    $119.99 inc GST
  • Totally Squishy Head to Toe

    Smart Lab’s Squishy Science from Head to Toe sparks curiosity and reveals the mysteries of the human brain and body for kids eight and up. This set includes transparent, anatomically correct models of the human body and human skull. Kids dissect the squishy organs and glow in the dark bones, nerves and eyeballs with lifelike surgical tools. The colorful information booklet, Organ-izer, and activity cards are packed with scientific information about the human body and the brain.

    $79.99 inc GST
  • The Amazing Squishy T-Rex

    The Amazing Squishy T. Rex is an anatomically correct model featuring 5 squishy parts: tongue, two connected stomachs, intestines, lungs, and heart

    $49.99 inc GST
  • All Natural Spa Lab

    Pamper yourself as you absorb the beautiful science behind a dozen spa products! You’ll turn your bathroom into a scrumptious spa as you stir it up with glitter gel, mash away with avocado face mask, mix it up with berry lip balm, and more!

    $34.99 inc GST
  • Crazy Drinks Science Lab

    Get ready for some crazy chemistry! The 20 tasty concoctions in this kit explore the light spectrum, untwist polymers, experiment with polymers, and more. Even better, you can taste them all!

    $34.99 inc GST
  • Super Sweet Sugar Lab

    Turn your kitchen into a science lab! Explore the science of sugar, test for hidden sugar in food, and discover how sugar behaves in your food and in your body. Experiments include making rock candy and gummy worms!

    $34.99 inc GST
  • You-Build-it Robo Xplorer

    You-Build-It RoboXplorer. With RoboXplorer, kids build their very own multiterrain robotic vehicle, complete with six S-shaped legs designed to conquer some of the toughest terrains, such as sand, rocks, and grass. Test its limits by towing toy cars, climbing a stack of books, or negotiating a wall. RoboXplorer will stop at almost nothing! Includes instructions for 5 guided projects that touch upon the science of motion and energy to explain why RoboXplorer reacts differently to various terrains.

    $34.99 inc GST
  • All Natural Spa Soaps

    Everyone loves to relax with sudsy, spa-quality soaps. Now kids have the chance to make tons of their very own customized, spa-inspired soaps The All-Natural Spa Soaps kit provides everything you’ll need to get started.

    $34.99 inc GST
  • Shimmering Lip Balms

    Blend All-Natural Recipes Using Beeswax & More!
    Add some sparkle to your smile! This kit features natural beeswax, shimmer powder, and glittery lip balm pods. Follow the recipes in the activity guide, or create your own one-of-a-kind shimmering balms.

    $34.99 inc GST