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  • Craft It Up Around the World

    Bring the whole wide world into your home with these 35 travel-inspired craft projects! They are all fun and easy to do, with clear instructions and step-by-step photography to guide you along the way. Plus, there are fun facts about the countries that are featured in the book, so you can learn cool things while you’re creating!

    $29.95 inc GST
  • Girls Get Stitching

    Have a blast stitching great projects for you, your freinds and your room! Choose from 20 different ideas, from the simplest embroidered card to wearable art. Learn 10 easy embroidery stitches and pick up ideas on how to mix and match fabrics and patterns to make your own projects.

    $9.99 inc GST
  • How to be a Space Explorer

    How do you pee in a space suit? What should you eat for your dinner in space? What’s the best spacecraft for an exploratory mission to Mars? Buckle up! How to Be a Space Explorer is a practical manual for all aspiring astronauts, packed with jaw-dropping stories from real-life space exploration. Learn how to navigate black holes, slingshot around Jupiter and survive the freezing depths of space. How to be a Space Explorer will blast you into the stratosphere, so strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

    $24.99 inc GST
  • Construct It! – Ultimate SUV

    Made from sturdy metal plate. Learn basic engineering concepts while creating and having fun on your own or with friends.

    $39.99 inc GST
  • 17 Metal Puzzles

    Challenge your brain cells!

    $19.99 inc GST
  • 12 Metal Puzzles

    Mind boggling fun! Challenge your brain cells!

    $14.99 inc GST