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  • Construct It – Concorde

    Those super slow long-haul flights are a thing of the past thanks to the Construct It Concorde Supersonic Jet set! This is a great set that actually has the Concorde name on it which is really cool! Construct It does a great job of making their sets great for people no matter if they are 8 or 88. Each set comes with detailed instructions that break down every step of the process. This is the kind of set that is as much about learning as it is fun which is really cool. The high-quality metal materials used to make this set really does make it pop and it will look awesome on display.

    $29.99 inc GST
  • Construct It Mega Set Chopper

    The Construct It Chopper Motor Cycle Mega Set is the ultimate easy rider and once built it will certainly make you the leader of the pack! Construct It are number one when it comes to construction sets. This one here is part of their Mega Set range which is awesome. It comes jam-packed with 450 pieces included two massive tires to let you burn rubber with this cool looking chopper! The instructions teach you about engineering as you go and thanks to STEM learning, children will be learning as they have fun. The high-quality metal-based pieces have a real shine to them which really will make this stand out from the pack!

    $39.99 inc GST
  • Construct It Mega Set 4WD

    When it comes to off-road vehicles you do not get much cooler than the Construct It Monster 4WD Mega Set! This thing is awesome! Construct It take a lot of pride in what they do and with well over 500 pieces this is one stacked set. The metal pieces used to make this set has a really cool and eye-catching red and black coating which makes this one of the most stand out sets in the entire line. Would-be engineers and car designers aged 8 all the way up to 108 are going to have a truly amazing time building this amazing 4WD beast!

    $49.99 inc GST
  • 6 Puzzle Set

    This awesome set of 6 tricky, mind bending and fun puzzles is here to test puzzle fans ages 8 and up! Centauri Games have put together 6 puzzles that are really going to make you think. Each puzzle has two tricky parts to it, you need to take it apart and then put back together. Sure, it sounds easy, but these are brain teasers that are really going to put your puzzle-solving skills to the ultimate test.

    $24.99 inc GST
  • 6 Wire Puzzles

    If you love puzzles then you will love this 6 Wire Puzzles set from Centauri Games. This fantastic set is aimed at puzzle-solving masters who are ages 8 and up and each of the 6 puzzles is really going to test your brainpower and puzzle-solving skills in fun, tricky and different ways!

    $24.99 inc GST
  • 6 Cast Puzzles

    Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test with this ultimate 6 Cast Puzzles set from Centauri Games! This is great for puzzle solving masters ages 8 all the way to 88! If you enjoy puzzles that are really going to test you, this is the ultimate set of puzzles for you

    $24.99 inc GST