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  • Charlie and Lola: Classic Gift Slipcase: A Pair of Two Extremely Classic Stories

    This beautiful box set contains two classic Charlie and Lola picture books, from Children’s Laureate Lauren Child. A perfect gift to introduce this much-loved pair to a new generation of fans! Contain

    $39.99 inc GST
  • Easy Learner – Educational Placemats

    This exciting educational placemat set has been designed with the child and their family in mind.

    The concept is one of fun and friendly learning in the home, centered around the meal table where Easy Learner Educational Placemats prompt the conversation to focus on essential concepts, literacy and numeracy along with interesting information for young children to grasp and revise.

    High in educational content, the colourful graphics of these wipe-clean placemats will be a high hit with young children.

    $14.95 inc GST
  • Girl Who Kicked Homet’s Nest

    In this final graphic novel adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s international bestseller, Lisbeth Salander lies in critical condition, a bullet wound to her head, in the intensive care unit of a Swedish city hospital.

    $33.99 inc GST
  • B/Man & Judge Dredd Coll.

    When Batman crosses paths with the gleefully violent Judge Dredd, things are bound to get ugly! In these tales from the 1990s, the two crimefighters face The Riddler and The Joker and battle extra-dimensional gladiators.

    $33.99 inc GST
  • Justice League United Vol. 1

    Top comics writer Jeff Lemire teams with superstar artist Mike McKone for the all-new monthly series JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED, starring the new team of powerful heroes Earth calls Justice League Canada! In the aftermath of FOREVER EVIL, Adam Strange is caught up in an adventure across the far reaches of the cosmos that will unite an unexpected team of heroes.

    $33.99 inc GST
  • Justice League 3000 Vol. 1: Yesterday

    In the far-flung future in the year 3000, the Justice League still exists and they’re more familiar than you could imagine. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern comprise the League, but how is it that a millenia from now, these heroes could still exists?

    $33.99 inc GST
  • DC Universe Online Legends V2

    This volume collects issues #8-15 of the twice monthly series as the heroes and villains of the DC Universe must form an uneasy alliance to combat the threat of Brainiac! As the battle rages on, tension rises not only between Lex Luthor and the heroes, but also between members of the Justice League!

    $33.99 inc GST
  • Batman Beyond 2.0 PB

    Batman Beyond 2.0 launches with a new direction for Terry McGinnis! Commissioner Barbara Gordon enlists Terry’s help while investigating the death of Neo-Gotham’s Mayor, which took place inside the new Arkham Institute.

    $33.99 inc GST
  • Batman: Arkham City

    this special edition collects the entirety of the BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY miniseries including all five digital-first chapters! Combined, this collection bridges the gap between the original smash hit BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM video game and its highly anticipated sequel. Find out the real motivation behind Mayor Sharp’s plans for the new criminal gulag and how Hugo Strange is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

    $33.99 inc GST
  • Arrow: Volume 2 PB

    Spinning out of the hit CW television show, these digital-first chapters, written by show creators Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg, fill in the gaps between the television show and the comics. This volume explores the mystery of what really happened to Deadshot after his dramatic showdown with Oliver during Season 1 of Arrow!

    $33.99 inc GST
  • Aquaman and the Others Vol 1: Legacy

    Spinning out of Aquaman, the King of Atlantis re-joins his first team — years before he even met his super-powered allies in the Justice League — The Others.

    $33.99 inc GST
  • S/Man Golden Age Vol 2. PB

    When the last son of Krypton was sent to Earth, one of the greatest legends of all time was born. This edition collects some of the earliest tales of Superman as they were first published.

    $33.99 inc GST
  • S/Man Sacrifice (New) PB Greg

    From the critically acclaimed writer Greg Rucka comes the pivotal story that forever altered the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman! Max Lord has taken over Superman’s mind and has him in total thrall.

    $33.99 inc GST
  • Harley Quinn: Night and Day

    In this second Harley Quinn collection, Harley gets fed up with crime and decides to switch sides much to the chagrin of Batman and company. Then, with her gang threatening to mutiny, Harley must whip them into shape while battling Killer Croc.

    $33.99 inc GST
  • Batman/Superman V5 Truth H PB

    Spinning out of the #1 New York Times best-selling BATMAN VOL. 7: ENDGAME, and SUPERMAN VOL. 1: BEFORE TRUTH by National Book Award finalist Gene Luen Yang! Now that the truth is out and world knows that Superman is Clark Kent, the one-time mild-mannered reporter is a wanted man.

    $33.99 inc GST
  • Aquaman and the Others #2 : Alignment

    Aquaman and his teammates, The Others, are a mysterious group of outsiders who have put aside past vendettas and personal histories to work together. However, when the secrets of their past are used against them and threaten their lives in the present day, can they keep their tenuous union intact?

    $33.99 inc GST
  • Superman: Secret Identity

    What’s in a name? Everything, if you share it with the Man of Steel!

    SUPERMAN: SECRET IDENTITY is a 208-page trade paperback collecting the critically lauded 4-issue miniseries written by Kurt Busiek (JLA/AVENGERS, ASTRO CITY) with art by Stuart Immonen (SUPERMAN: END OF THE CENTURY, THOR).

    $33.99 inc GST
  • Cairo

    Written by G. Willow Wilson Art and cover by M.K. Perker The original graphic novel by breakout talent G. Willow Wilson, a Cairo-based journalist, with art by renowned illustrator M.K. Perker, is now available in trade paperback! The creative team behind the new monthly series AIR brings together ancient and modern Middle East with a Vertigo twist.

    $33.99 inc GST
  • S/Man-W/Woman Vol. 2 PB

    The dust may have settled in Smallville after Superman s encounter with Doomsday, but the Man of Steel did not escape unscathed: infected by Doomsday s toxic virus, Superman is slowly turning into a greater threat to Earth than the alien monster ever was.

    $33.99 inc GST
  • Justice Leagure: Gods and Monsters

    The prequel to the critically acclaimed animated film, from an all-star lineup of creators including Bruce Timm (BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES), J.M. DeMatteis (JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL), Thony Silas (BATMAN BEYOND) and many more! In this alternate universe, the Justice League isn t a team of the world s greatest superheroes who protect Earth from evil and save it from disaster.

    $33.99 inc GST
  • The Anne of Green Gables Collection

    Follow the journey of 11-year-old orphan Anne Shirley as she grows up over the course of these six titles: Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, Anne of the Island, Anne of Windy Poplars, Anne’s House of Dreams and Anne of Ingleside.

    $99.99 inc GST
  • Little Library Red Bus

    This adorable set includes ten mini books to teach children early concepts, and two bright bookends to display on your child’s bookshelf.

    $59.99 inc GST
  • Animal Friends – Boxset

    4 Books in this series, Farm Friends, Zoo Friends, Dinosaur Friends and Ocean Friends.

    $19.99 inc GST
  • First Nursery Rhymes ( 10 Chunky Board Book Box Set )

    Chunky boards books that feature favorite classic nursery rhymes. Comes in an easy to carry tower box with handle.

    Set includes 10 Chunky Board Books

    $19.99 inc GST