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  • The Great Adventure Collection

    This beautiful box set brings together the best of adventure writing, from the likes of Rudyard Kipling, Jonathan Swift and Daniel Defoe. Whether you wish to dive into an epic sea voyage with Odysseus

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  • Best Loved Poems

    This glorious celebration of classic poetry features verse from around the English-speaking world. Carefully selected and divided into themed sections, the poems encompass the wealth of human experien

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  • A Christmas Carol

    First published on 19 December 1843 and written at a time of decline in festive tradition, A Christmas Carol became an instant classic. It reinforced expectations for Christmas Day as a time of peace

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  • Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

    Follow curious Alice as she tumbles down a rabbit hole and embarks on a magical adventure in Wonderland. Then journey through a looking glass and into a fantastical world of mome raths, slithy toves, and more

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  • The Great Mystery Collection

    This box set brings together 8 outstanding mystery books

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  • The Great Horror and Fantasy Collection

    From the pulpy, tentacled body of the Cthulhu to the sharpened fangs of Count Dracula, this handsome box set collates the most hair-raising characters of the horror and fantasy genres. The collection of 8 tales will whisk you away to gothic towers.

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  • The H. P. Lovecraft Collection

    This elegant box set of six hardback clothbound books contains of all of H.P. Lovecraft short stories collections, from his early macabre stories to the tales of the dreamlands, and his famous Cthulhu novellas.
    Macabre Stories: The Tomb; Dago

    $99.99 inc GST
  • The Classic Fairy and Folk Tales Collection: (Box Set)

    This wonderful gift box set of 6 books contains classic fairy tale collections from across the world. The well-known and well-loved collections from Charles Perrault, Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm are featured along with tales.

    $99.99 inc GST
  • Fantastic Children’s Stories

    Ten classic books in a slipcase edition. Contains Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Wind in the Willows, Anne of Green Gables, Black Beauty, Robin Hood, The Secret Garden and The Call of the Wild.

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  • The Anne of Green Gables Collection

    Follow the journey of 11-year-old orphan Anne Shirley as she grows up over the course of these six titles: Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, Anne of the Island, Anne of Windy Poplars, Anne’s house of Dreams and Anne of Ingleside.

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  • The H. G. Wells Collection (Box Set)

    Wells was a pioneer of the science fiction genre and a man of boundless imagination. Whether he was describing marvellous new technologies, the vagaries of space flight or the risks of scientific development.

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  • Charles Dickens’ Christmas Stories: A Classic Collection for Yuletide

    We cannot go through the Christmas season without hearing exclamations of Scrooge’s ‘Bah Humbug!’ or Tiny Tim’s more good-natured ‘God bless us, every one’.

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  • Peter Pan

    Wendy knows that all children have to grow up… all apart from the magical Peter Pan! When Peter flies through the nursery window and invites Wendy and her brothers, John and Michael, to come to Never-Never-Land, they set off on the adventure of a lifetime

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  • The Seven Chinese Military Classics

    This collection includes seven of the most famous military texts of ancient China. Highlighted by Sun Tzu’s the Art of War, this new translation brings to light several texts that display an understanding of strategy and warfare that still has relevance millennia after their original publication. Each of these texts presents a uniquely eastern understanding of warfare that emphasises speed and stealth over brute strength. From the 11th-century AD onwards, these texts became required reading for Chinese military officers.

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  • The Odyssey

    This beautiful foil-stamped hardback edition of Homer’s Odyssey is presented in a stylish slipcase and embossed with silver foil. It features Alexander Pope’s classic 1726 translation which perfectly captures the lyricism of the epic poem, as well as Emma Woolerton’s useful commentary which ensures you can easily follow the action.

    It also includes illustrations inspired by John Flaxman’s famous neoclassical designs, creating an elegant and timeless edition that makes a perfect gift.

    $37.99 inc GST
  • Sherlock Holmes: A Gripping Casebook of Stories

    Sherlock Holmes: A Gripping Casebook of Stories contains the full-length novel A Study in Scarlet, plus 14 short stories. A Study in Scarlet marked Sherlock Holmes’ debut appearance in novel form, while Holmes made his first short story appearance in A Scandal in Bohemia, also included in this compendium.

    In his perceptive introduction to this compendium, leading crime writer Martin Edwards observes that ‘the compelling evocation of character is what makes Conan Doyle’s stores come alive’. Ally this to vivid settings and the result is unbeatable entertainment enjoyed by crime fans the world over.

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  • Dracula

    The last I saw of Count Dracula was his kissing his hand to me, with a red light of triumph in his eyes, and with a smile that Judas in hell might be proud of.

    Dracula is a preeminent work of horror literature, containing one of the best gothic villains of all time. When Jonathan Harker stays with Count Dracula in his crumbling Transylvanian castle, he is greatly unsettled by the man. After enduring a series of bizarre events, Harker realises he is being imprisoned by the Count and barely escapes with his life.

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  • The Iliad

    The Greeks are entering the tenth year of their war with the Trojans, but their armies are fractured and their best warrior Achilles has abandoned the battle on a mission of revenge. Only the death of his best friend Patroclus persuades Achilles to return to battle and confront the Trojan leader Hector in single combat.


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  • Norse Mythology

    Many of the stories from Norse mythology have been handed down through the centuries in the oral tradition and most derive from Iceland. This thrilling collection of tales will transport readers to the realms of Asgard, where the gods such as Thor, Odin and Freya live, and Midgard, the home of humankind, that together form the cosmological tree of Yggdrasil. Filled with dramatic stories of dark deeds, cunning and war as well as love, compassion and humour, the Norse mythologies have influenced countless generations of writers and artists in various media – from Marvel Comics’ Avengers to Manga creations and J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, as well as the renowned novel and TV series Game of Thrones and the composer Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen.

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  • Classical Mythology

    The myths and legends of Ancient Greece and Rome have influenced art and literature for millennia and continue to capture our imaginations today. These enduring stories from classical antiquity form a major part of the heritage of Western culture. In this beautiful collection, James Shepherd has compiled more than 30 fascinating tales that have been retold by a variety of expert storytellers. Ranging from stories of the Titans, Hercules and the creation of the world to the Trojan War and the founding of Rome, the tales are accompanied by delightful black and white illustrations making it a truly worthy collector’s item.

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  • Sherlock Holmes A Selection of His Greatest Cases

    This beautifully presented edition offers a selection of the master detective’s greatest cases, including the most popular Holmes story ever written, The Hound of the Baskervilles.

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  • The Sherlock Holmes Collection

    The consulting detective, Sherlock Homles, and his faithful companion Dr Watson, are two of fiction’s most intriguing figures. Facing down Victorian villains and elusive criminals with nothing more than his formidable powers of observation, Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes still has an unmatched ability to entertain.

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  • The Way of the Samurai

    Justice, courage, loyalty, self control: the qualities essential to the Samurai warriors of Japan are those that we all aspire to. In this classic work, originally published as Bushido: The Soul of Japan, Inazo Nitobe explores the moral code of the Japanese warrior class, from the importance of politeness rituals to the ultimate chilling self sacrifice: hara-kiri or suicide.

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  • Sherlock Holmes The Three Students

    Mr Holmes – I beg for your assistance. I cannot engage the police. If news of this dreadful scandal were to reach the public, the reputation of this university would be utterly destroyed. A leisurely research trip turns into a race against time when Professor Soames comes to Holmes and Watson with a bizarre mystery. Three students are suspected of cheating – can Holmes solve the case in time for the examination to go ahead ?

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