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  • The World’s Worst Criminals – An A-Z Of Evil Men And Women

    Anyone who has been on the receiving end of a crime will know that all criminals are bad. But there are some evil-doers who are in a whole different league. They are the world’s worst criminals. This stylish book is packed full of more than a hundred of the most extreme. Read it if you dare.

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  • The Mafia – The Complete Story

    They were extraordinary men who lived through extraordinary times. The Mafia tells the story of their lives, their families, their codes, their crimes and their cold-blooded murders. It’s a long and enthralling tale, drenched in blood and scored with betrayal.

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  • The History Of The Mafia

    The Mafia began on a small island in the Mediterranean, Sicily. It grew to become a major political force in Italy, while its tentacles penetrated every aspect of life in the United States. Through drugs, it spread its influence to Britain, Canada and Australia. And through the gangster movies of Hollywood, including The Godfather and Goodfellas, it permeates popular culture.

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  • The Crimes Of Jack The Ripper

    More than a century after he stalked the streets of London’s East End, Jack the Ripper continues to exert a macabre fascination on the popular imagination. After scrupulously re-examining official documents of the time, investigative journalist Paul Roland strips away decades of myth and misconceptions to reveal the identity of a brand-new suspect who has never been seriously considered until now.

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  • Supernatural Serial Killers

    Supernatural Serial Killers explores the association between serial killers and the supernatural. The crimes committed by these men and women usually involved sexual deviance, cannibalism and violence toward children.

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  • Serial Killers And Phsycopaths – True Life Cases That Shocked The World

    To kill is one of the greatest crimes against humanity to kill repeatedly, often accompanied by sexually motivated acts that are also taboo, is beyond comprehension. Why do serial killers and psychopaths do it? What motivates them?

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  • Mafia Crimes – The History Of The Mob

    Since the late 19th century, the Mafia has been a presence in North America using intimidation and worse to exert its control over organized crime in the major cities and beyond

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  • Evil Women – Deadlier Than The Male

    Many people find it impossible to believe that woman are capable of committing brutal murders just like men, but this book shows otherwise. Katherine Knight donned a black negligee before stabbing her love John Price 37 times, then serving up his corpse for dinner with baked potatoes, pumpkin and all the trimmings

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  • Evil Serial Killers

    Our fascination with serier killers is at once disturdbing and understandable: disturbing because, according to society’s mores, we should condemn the killer;s crimes and avoid all the thought of horrific actions, but understandable because we are so fascinated by their motives. What leads them to behave in such perverted ways? and what makes them killers who strike again and again?

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  • 100 Most Infamous Criminals

    100 Most Infamous Criminals is an astounding compendium of crimes and their perpetrators. The range of crimes is extraordinary, from the bizarre to the horrific, and from the heartbreaking to the ridiculous. The book includes some of history’s most infamous criminals and tells in vivid detail the story of the lives they led, the crimes they committed and the destruction and sorrow they left in their wake.

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  • Cybercrime And The Darknet – Revealing The Hidden Underworld Of The Internet

    With the growth of the internet came a new type of crime. Using the un-indexed corners of the internet that make up what is known as the “dark net” criminals carry on their business online as fluently as in the real world.

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  • The 10 Worst Psychopaths – The Most Depraved Killers In History

    The 10 Worst Psychopaths looks at history's most notorious and infamous psychopaths, and seeks to show how their life stories illustrate the classic psychopathic personality traits. Though all morally despicable, many of these individuals were charming, popular, and charismatic. This is part of our enduring fascination with the psychopath: they are capable of extraordinary inhuman acts, and yet they appear on the surface to be entirely 'normal'. It is only once you know what to look for that the psychopathy beneath the cunning mask becomes obvious. Chillingly, psychopaths are usually the person you would least suspect.

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  • The 10 Worst Serial Killers – Monsters Whose Crimes Shocked The World

    A gripping analysis of the world's 10 worst serial killers. They have been selected not simply because of their high “body counts:” these killers are the ones who have most terrified the communities on which they preyed, and in some cases changed the history of the nations in which they operated.

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  • Mafia Hits – 100 Murders That Changed The Job

    Discover the stories of the hit-men who lived by the gun, and died by it, in this fascinating tale of the American underworld. Featuring historical photographs of the victims – some often gruesome, Mafia Hits detials the bloody ends of these infamous gangsters.

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  • Gangster Women – And The Criminals They Loved

    Gangsters of the past never looked far enough into the future to do much planning. They stole sufficient money to get by for a short while and then robbed again. Sometimes they wanted to settle down, but most knew their crimes were going to lead to jail or death and their women knew it too. Life on the run was no picnic, but gangsters' molls chose it over a settled life in suburbia. This book is a history of gangsters' molls and mob queens, and it explains who these women were, where they came from and why they did the things they did.Covers the life stories of Bonnie Parker, Virginia Hill, the glamorous girlfriend of Bugsy Siegel who died mysteriously, Evelyn Frechette, who was charged with harbouring murderous mobster John Dillinger and many others.”

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