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  • Planet Earth Is Awesome

    From the top of Mount Everest to the depths of the ocean – and down to the centre of the earth – this book is the essential guide for all those who live on our planet. Planet Earth Is Awesome is packed full of 101 eye-opening and extraordinary facts about our world that kids will love to discover and share. Each fact hooks readers into a discussion of some of the most fascinating and mind-boggling ways in which our planet works. A great gift for children aged 8 and up.

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  • World Explorers – How To Read Maps with Giant World Map

    Packed full of colorful maps, vivid illustrations, lively, engaging text, and with a giant fold-out map of the Earth, this is the ultimate guide to reading, understanding, and making maps for children aged 8 and up. Learning how to read a map is one of the most useful skills a child can learn, and this book teaches the essentials in the most accessible and entertaining way possible. It reveals the secrets and techniques of map-making, showing young readers how to use maps and create their own maps. Packed with fun activities, children are shown how to make a working compass using simple household objects, and are encouraged to engage with maps to find locations, trace routes, decipher symbols, and more. With dynamic, captivating text accompanied by accurate, expertly drawn maps and vibrant color photographs, How to Read Maps is the perfect guide to lead younger readers through the world of mapping.

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  • Fragile Earth : Dramatic Images of Our Changing Planet, by Collins Maps

    This unique book provides a striking look at the dramatic changes that are happening to our planet. The second edition of Fragile Earth shows over 350 dramatic images of natural disasters, human development and the impacts of climate change. Alongside the powerful imagery, contributions from leading experts will be shown with maps, graphs and statistics on the major subjects, such as climate change, the environment and urbanization

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