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  • Dumb Ass Tin

    Who’s the Dumb Ass among your friends? From the makers of Smart Ass comes a brand new party game, Dumb Ass! Forget about trying to find the correct answer – players are looking for the wrong answer in this game. In Dumb Ass, the correct “wrong” answer will allow the players to move forward. Everyone plays at the same time in this unique party game that puts a fun twist on trivia! This booster pack contains 96 question cards that are a great addition to the Dumb Ass board game, available for separate purchase.

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  • Dirty Words

    The words aren’t dirty, but your mind may be! The object of the game is to use as many of the 23 dice as possible in the three minutes given to form logically correct sentences. All sentences must intersect at one or more points. Any number of consenting adults may play, in teams or as individuals. Plan to play this adult party game with someone you love (or would like to).

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  • Star Wars Pictopia

    Make family game time epic! Prove whether you are a Padawan or Jedi Master when your knowledge of STAR WARS is tested with 1,000 questions on the iconic planets, ships, villains, and heroes from a galaxy far, far away.. It’s a game of teamwork-with a competitive edge! Sometimes you’ll work together and other times answer alone, but you’ll wager every time! Home much you risk depends on how well you know your STAR WARS trivia! Feel the Force questions add an exciting twist by revealing how much you sense about other players!

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  • Dumb Ass Board Game

    A hilarious board game all trivia lovers will enjoy. Play the only game where the smart ass can lose, and the dumb ass rules.

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