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  • Emma Unicorn Kite

    Colourful kite, ready for flying, with a comfortable handle and kite line.

    Their simple construction and the strong PE foil material ensures many hours of fun.

    Size: 115×63 cm

    Age: 4+

    $9.99 inc GST
  • Discovery Rocket Launcher

    Kid powered rocket launcher shoots rockers up to 50 feet high. Parachute automatically deploys to safely land rocket. Lightweight rocket utilize low impact foam wings and tips. Includes 2 rockets and one hand-held launcher.

    $29.95 inc GST
  • LED Lantern Twin Pack

    The LED Lantern Twin Pack comes with 2 LED lanterns, blue and pink. LED Lanterns are suitable for indoor and outdoor use  Perfect for use in the garage, camping, traveling and much more. Batteries included.

    $14.95 inc GST
  • Honey Pot Bear Umbrella

    Splashing in the rain is fun for all with this great Honey Pot Bear Umbrella, perfect to take to school on those rainy days…

    $12.95 inc GST