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  • Spy School Sneaky Surveillance

    I Spy Sneaky Science! Investigate! Observe! Discover!

    $34.99 inc GST
  • Re-Con 6.0 Programmable Rover

    The Programmable Rover is a toy, a robot, and most importantly, a tool for learning! Kids can program this Rover to navigate specified courses to deliver a treat to a pet, surprise a family member with a personalized message, carry a soda, guard a bedroom, or just dance. With a spiral bound Owner’s Manual, kids will begin work through guided projects building their knowledge for the more advanced operating techniques. This cleverly crafted guide helps get the Rover rolling and will inspire the next level of learning – charting one’s own adventures.

    $119.99 inc GST
  • Totally Squishy Head to Toe

    Smart Lab’s Squishy Science from Head to Toe sparks curiosity and reveals the mysteries of the human brain and body for kids eight and up. This set includes transparent, anatomically correct models of the human body and human skull. Kids dissect the squishy organs and glow in the dark bones, nerves and eyeballs with lifelike surgical tools. The colorful information booklet, Organ-izer, and activity cards are packed with scientific information about the human body and the brain.

    $79.99 inc GST
  • The Amazing Squishy T-Rex

    The Amazing Squishy T. Rex is an anatomically correct model featuring 5 squishy parts: tongue, two connected stomachs, intestines, lungs, and heart

    $49.99 inc GST
  • All Natural Spa Day

    Explore the science of beauty, naturally! All-Natural Spa Lab. It all starts with invitations and a party-planning guide and wraps up with spa-themed activities and ribbon-wrapped take-home presents. You can rely on the party-planning guide to be your event-planning expert. Use it to make a shopping list for menus and projects as well as how to create atmosphere and conversation

    $49.99 inc GST
  • All Natural Spa Lab

    Pamper yourself as you absorb the beautiful science behind a dozen spa products! You’ll turn your bathroom into a scrumptious spa as you stir it up with glitter gel, mash away with avocado face mask, mix it up with berry lip balm, and more!

    $34.99 inc GST
  • Crazy Drinks Science Lab

    Get ready for some crazy chemistry! The 20 tasty concoctions in this kit explore the light spectrum, untwist polymers, experiment with polymers, and more. Even better, you can taste them all!

    $34.99 inc GST
  • Super Sweet Sugar Lab

    Turn your kitchen into a science lab! Explore the science of sugar, test for hidden sugar in food, and discover how sugar behaves in your food and in your body. Experiments include making rock candy and gummy worms!

    $34.99 inc GST
  • You-Build-it Robo Xplorer

    You-Build-It RoboXplorer. With RoboXplorer, kids build their very own multiterrain robotic vehicle, complete with six S-shaped legs designed to conquer some of the toughest terrains, such as sand, rocks, and grass. Test its limits by towing toy cars, climbing a stack of books, or negotiating a wall. RoboXplorer will stop at almost nothing! Includes instructions for 5 guided projects that touch upon the science of motion and energy to explain why RoboXplorer reacts differently to various terrains.

    $34.99 inc GST
  • All Natural Spa Soaps

    Everyone loves to relax with sudsy, spa-quality soaps. Now kids have the chance to make tons of their very own customized, spa-inspired soaps The All-Natural Spa Soaps kit provides everything you’ll need to get started.

    $34.99 inc GST
  • Shimmering Lip Balms

    Blend All-Natural Recipes Using Beeswax & More!
    Add some sparkle to your smile! This kit features natural beeswax, shimmer powder, and glittery lip balm pods. Follow the recipes in the activity guide, or create your own one-of-a-kind shimmering balms.

    $34.99 inc GST
  • Spa Soaps Forest Friends

    Make Bubbly Bunnies, Sudsy Squirrels & Colorful Critters!

    This kit contains the ingredients and molds you need to make adorable forest-themed glycerin soaps. You’ll also find recipes, techniques, and a leaf-shaped soap dish. Natural ingredients from your garden or cupboard transform your suds-worthy forest friends into ahhh-some bath buddies.

    $34.99 inc GST
  • Remote Control Rocket

    Young space enthusiasts will love this rocket launcher kit that includes a two-piece rocket, launch pad, and remote control launcher. The rocket is fueled by the classic combination of baking soda and vinegar, but then the launch is literally in kids’ hands! Count down from 10, press the ignition on the rocket launcher, and watch the rocket head straight for the stars!

    $34.99 inc GST
  • You-Build-It Robo Bug

    All-inclusive DIY robotics kit to make a multi-terrain robotic bug
    Includes 24 robot parts
    6 traction pads, gear box with motor & much more

    $29.99 inc GST
  • Solar System Adventure

    Launch young astronomers on a learning adventure with a light-up solar system model. Includes a rolling replica of NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity and a fact-filled poster of the solar system.

    $24.99 inc GST
  • Get Growing! Greenhouse

    Drip Drop Watering System!
    Plant and Grow! This self-watering greenhouse comes with three types of seeds to let young gardeners experience the miracle of making plants grow. Just add soil, water, sunshine, and curiosity!

    $24.99 inc GST
  • You Track It Weather Lab

    Kids will explore the science behind weather using this interactive station! Weather Lab Includes 13 easy-to-assemble parts including a glow-in-the-dark anemometer, a cloud chart, stickers, and a weather tracker to record wind speed, rainfall, and temperature.

    $24.99 inc GST
  • SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body

    Complete with squishy, removable, vital organs as well as skeletal, vascular, and muscular systems, kids explore the complex inner workings of the human body and see how it all fits together!

    $49.99 inc GST
  • SmartLab Toys Crash-Test Lab

    Crash! Launch! Slam! Crash testing is fun and a great way to learn physics.

    $39.99 inc GST
  • Achi-TECH Electronic Smart House

    With over 70 building components, this kit allows aspiring architects and engineers to design and build single and multi-story structures, including container homes and tiny houses.

    $89.99 inc GST
  • SmartLab Toys It’s Alive! Slime Lab

    Measure, mix, and concoct icky-sticky goo like a real mad scientist with this one-of-a-kind laboratory kit.

    $39.99 inc GST
  • Girls Only! Secret Message Lab

    The Girls Only! Secret Message Lab is full of ways to keep secrets safe, and share them with your friends.

    $39.99 inc GST
  • Aftershock! Earthquake Lab

    Earthquakes are one of the most destructive forces in the entire world. This is your chance to put your creations to the test!

    $69.99 inc GST
  • SmartLab Toys Ultimate Secret Formula Lab

    Explore the secrets of science with 40 epic experiments! Ultimate Secret Formula Lab turns your kitchen into a fully stocked chemistry lab.

    $69.99 inc GST