1000 Pce Puzzle – Athenian Acropolis, Greece

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Anyone who enjoys a good jigsaw puzzle is going to love our range of amazing Puzzlers World jigsaw puzzles!
What makes a Puzzlers World jigsaw puzzle special is that they have captured some of the most amazing locations from all over the world for their puzzles. There is such an amazing diversity to the locations that they have captured so that no two Puzzlers World jigsaw puzzles look the same.
Each of their jigsaw puzzles is 1000 pieces. This means that even those who fancy themselves as jigsaw experts are going to be in for a very fun challenge here. The puzzles are so captivating that you are driven to always want to add in a few more pieces before you finish for the day.

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The Athenian Acropolis in Greece has been captured perfectly by the talented puzzle makers at Puzzlers World! Anyone who loves to experience exotic locations and challenging puzzles will love this 1000-piece puzzle.

What makes a Puzzlers World jigsaw puzzle stand out from all the rest is the way that they manage to capture these amazing locations from all over the globe. This one here is all about Greece as it showcases the phenomenal, majestic, and movie set like Athenian Acropolis. As one of the most famous parts of Greece, seeing this in puzzle form is a lot of fun. It is the kind of thing that can be completed again and again or put in a frame for all to see!

Puzzlers World knows that a huge part of what makes a jigsaw puzzle fun is the quality and this is crafted with the same care and attention that the Acropolis itself was… ok, maybe that was going too far. However, they do use nice and thick carding for each of the 1000-pieces. Puzzlers World also takes a lot of pride in their printing, which is why this puzzle and all of the rest that make up this wonderful line pop and look so photo-realistic. If you love jigsaw puzzles or know someone else who fancies themselves as a bit of a puzzle expert, this is the perfect jigsaw puzzle for you!


Key Features:

  • Each of the 1000-pieces is made to the highest standard
  • The Athenian Acropolis is one of the most spectacular sights on the planet
  • The perfect jigsaw puzzle for someone who loves far off locations
  • Puzzlers Word are true masters of their craft
  • It is fun, but also a challenging puzzle to complete

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