1000 Pce Puzzle – Chi Lin Nunnery, Hong Kong

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Anyone who enjoys a good jigsaw puzzle is going to love our range of amazing Puzzlers World jigsaw puzzles!
What makes a Puzzlers World jigsaw puzzle special is that they have captured some of the most amazing locations from all over the world for their puzzles. There is such an amazing diversity to the locations that they have captured so that no two Puzzlers World jigsaw puzzles look the same.
Each of their jigsaw puzzles is 1000 pieces. This means that even those who fancy themselves as jigsaw experts are going to be in for a very fun challenge here. The puzzles are so captivating that you are driven to always want to add in a few more pieces before you finish for the day.

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Puzzlers World has captured another amazing part of the globe in one of their 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles. This time it is the amazing Chi Lin Nunnery in Hong Kong.

When it comes to jigsaw puzzles there is a very good reason as to why Puzzlers World are regarded as one of the best around. They manage to capture all of these iconic locations that most of us can only dream of visiting! This one here is the Chi Lin Nunnery in Hong Kong and it is truly one of the most amazing looking buildings in the entire world. Puzzlers World has captured it from a very unique point of view where you can see a striking red bridge over some still water with the nunnery in the background. It is the kind of image where you notice something new each time you look at it.

A huge reason why this jigsaw puzzle pops to life is the quality of the printing. Puzzlers World ensures that each of the 1000-pieces that make up this jigsaw are printed to perfection to really do each location justice. The puzzle pieces are made using thick carding which makes sure they do not easily bend! Anyone who has an interest in jigsaw puzzles will love putting this together.


Key Features:

  • The Chi Lin Nunnery in Hong Kong is an amazing place
  • Those who love jigsaw puzzles will find this a fun challenge
  • Each of the 1000-pieces is very high-quality
  • Puzzlers World manages to capture the best locations in the world with their puzzles
  • It manages to be relaxing as well as a good challenge

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