1000 Pce Puzzle – Gyeangbokgung Palace, Seoul City, South Korea

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Anyone who enjoys a good jigsaw puzzle is going to love our range of amazing Puzzlers World jigsaw puzzles!
What makes a Puzzlers World jigsaw puzzle special is that they have captured some of the most amazing locations from all over the world for their puzzles. There is such an amazing diversity to the locations that they have captured so that no two Puzzlers World jigsaw puzzles look the same.
Each of their jigsaw puzzles is 1000 pieces. This means that even those who fancy themselves as jigsaw experts are going to be in for a very fun challenge here. The puzzles are so captivating that you are driven to always want to add in a few more pieces before you finish for the day.

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Puzzlers World loves to bring you the most amazing locations from all over the world and this one is taking us to one of the most incredible parts of South Korea in 1000-pieces for you to put together.

Puzzlers World knows better than anyone what makes an exciting, challenging, and interesting puzzle. Puzzlers World has captured some of the most awesome places on the planet. This 1000-piece puzzle features Gyeangbokgung Palace which is one of the most impressive places in the whole of South Korea. It is like a place from another time and the good people at Puzzlers World have managed to capture this place so well that you will feel like you are right there. Or, you will fall in love with it so much that you will be planning your next vacation to Seoul City so you can see it for yourself.

Puzzlers World knows how to make a great puzzle. This one here not only captures Gyeangbokgung Palace in all its glory. It is made with nice and thick carding that will ensure the puzzle can be used for many years. These 1000-pieces are printed using the highest quality printing techniques to ensure each and every piece pops. If you enjoy puzzles that are going to test your skills, this one here is going to really test them!


Key Features:

  • Gyeangbokgung Palace is a place like no other
  • While this is fun, it is also a very challenging puzzle
  • The carding they use is nice and thick
  • High-quality printing really makes each piece pop
  • The perfect puzzle for anyone who likes to be tested!

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