The World At War – The Definitive Guide To World War 1 & World War 2

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The World at war brings to life the events of world war 1 and world war 2 in vivid detail, tracing the course of these two Global conflicts from every perspective.

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The World at War brings to life the events of World War i and World War ii in vivid detail, tracing the course of these two global conflicts from every perspective. World War 1 left an indelible mark on the collective memories of countries that lost a generation of young men. It was hailed as the ‘war to end war’, but 20 years later the world was thrown into the most destructive and world shattering conflict of all time. The World at War details the military, strategic, and political events of both world wars – and the events leading up to them. Packed with authoritative information and compelling images, it provides a true understanding of the wars that changed the world.

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Road Warriors Afghanistan DVD Р$29.95 RRP

Ride with brave army truckers as they drive the most dangerous roads in the world to deliver vital fuel and medical supplies to the frontline troops in Afganistan. Every convoy faces a variety of deadly threats including landmines rocket attacks and suicide bombers plus natural hazards such as shifting sand dunes and rock-falls. With the enemy intent on destroying them and the constant possibility of punctures and breakdowns this job makes driving an ice road look like a walk in the park. Follow the emotional journeys as the Road Warriors compete to clock up the most ‘war miles’.


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