Campania, Italy, 1000 Piece Puzzle & Sorting Tray

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Puzzle Master Jigsaw Puzzles are the ultimate in puzzles for puzzle fans. They capture some of the most amazing scenery from all over the world and challenge you to put it together. It also comes with 6 sorting trays! These make organizing your puzzle so much easier and a lot more fun too! If you fancy yourself as a puzzle master, Puzzle Master Jigsaw Puzzles are for you!

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If you cannot go to Campania, Italy then take on this amazing puzzle from Puzzle Master Jigsaw Puzzles. At 1000 pieces this is a puzzle that is going to be a good challenge and also very relaxing. The kind of puzzle that is great to do with some nice music playing and a glass of your favorite beverage beside you. The image is truly spectacular and will make you wish you were there on vacation! The card is nice and thick and the printing of the image truly is second to none.
Also included with this puzzle are 6 high quality puzzle trays. These come in really handy as they allow you to keep all of your pieces organized so that you can really concentrate on where each piece of the puzzle goes. The people at Puzzle Master Jigsaw Puzzles know how easier it is when you can get your pieces organized so that is why they included these awesome puzzle trays.

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