Construct It! Sailing Ship

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Easy to assemble construction kit for the mechanically minded. Illustrated parts and assembly instructions included. Made from sturdy metal plate. Learn basic engineering concepts while creating and having fun on your own or with friends. Helps develop manipulative and problem solving skills. Look out for other Construct It kits in the series.

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Set sail with the epic, Construct It! Sailing Ship! This is a fantastic set and one truly impressive part of the Construct-It line. Construct-It is the perfect gift for any child that loves to build and create things. Each set is packed with fun, but children will also be learning as they do. S.T.E.M learning is all the rage these days and this Construct It! Sailing Ship has it from the bottom all the way to the top of the sails! Each Construct-It set teaches children the basics of engineering and will help them become more efficient problem solvers all the while encouraging them to think about the way things are built.

You can clearly see just how cool this looks, but what really sets this apart from those “plastic” building sets is what this is made from. Real metal pieces, real metal screws, and real metal tools are all included here. It gives the Construct-It line a style that is all it’s own. Plus, these metal pieces really do make the sets feel extra cool. The instructions will teach children in easy to follow steps, how to build this and as they are using real tools it will be even more fun!

With 455 pieces the Construct It! Sailing Ship is going to be a fun, but challenging experience. This is great if you know a child who likes to not just build things but be challenged as they do. There are so many pieces with this set that they can use them to come up with their own genius creations as well!


Suitable for ages 8 and up.


Construct It! Sailing Ship Key Features

From scratch, build an amazing sailing ship

This thing looks awesome

Use real metal pieces!

Simple to follow instructions

S.T.E.M learning!

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