Construct It Super Excavator

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Learn basic engineering concepts wile creating and having fun on your own or with friends. Helps develop manipulative and problem solving skills.

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When a tough job needs doing you call in the Construct It Super Excavator! This is part of the Platinum X range from Construct It which makes it ideal for builders and engineers of all ages! It is made with high quality stainless steel and looks fantastic sitting on a desk or shelf on display or for playing and completing jobs that need doing around the house! Stainless steel pieces, actual moving gears, real tools and easy to follow instructions make the Construct It Super Excavator the real deal!
With over 600 individual pieces, the Construct It Super Excavator is going to provide a fun challenge to build. Promoting engineering skills and practical thinking, not only is this something you can have a great time with either by yourself or with a junior builder. It is also going to give you a real appreciation and a better understanding of engineering.
You can build the Construct It Super Excavator and put it through its paces, however, the fun is not done then! Due to having so many pieces, you can then use what you have learned building this to come up with all kinds of wonderful mechanical feats of awesomeness!



  • Encourages STEM learning
  • Comes with real tools
  • Has over 600 pieces
  • Encourages an interest in engineering
  • High quality stainless steel

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