Construct-It! Tanker

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Make your very own Awesome 438 Piece Tanker with real tools inside. Easy to assemble construction kit for the mechanically minded. Made from high quality sturdy metal plate and plastic pieces. Learn basic engineering concepts while creating and having fun. Helps develop manipulative and problem solving skills.

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Here we have one of the most impressive pieces from the whole Construct It! line, the Tanker! This thing is great, once built it makes an actual tanker that has big powerful wheels and some tanks that need hauling, and only your child has what it takes to build it and make sure the fuel gets transported. Even though this set has over 400 pieces, the asking price is still under 30 bucks, so this set is phenomenal value for money. Like the other sets, you get all the tools and instructions required to make building this as straight forward as possible. This gives your child the skills to then make their own creations with those over 400 pieces.

Watch out for this big tanker. What is your tanker carrying?
  • Easy to assemble construction kit for the mechanical minded.
  • Illustrated parts and assembly instructions included
  • Made from sturdy metal plate
  • Learn basic engineering concepts while creating and having fun on your own or with friends
  • Helps develop manipulative and problem-solving skills
  • Look out for other Construct-It Kits in the series

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