Construct-It! – Off Roader

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Make your very own Awesome 110 Piece Off Roader, packaged in a sealed box with real tools inside. Easy to assemble construction kit aimed at the mechanically minded.

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This awesome Construct-It! – Off Roader does not just need flat roads to drive at high speeds! Bring to life the coolest four-wheel off roader ever created with the Construct-It! – Off Roader set. The Construct It range is proud to offer fun-based learning! Heavily influenced by STEM learning this is one of the most fun construction sets around today. It is so much fun that it is fast becoming one of the most popular construction sets available.

The Construct-It! – Off Roader is made with high-grade materials such as nickel-plated alloy. This gives the Off Roader a real authentic feel and look, but it also makes it very robust as well. These pieces do not just “snap” together like other sets. Instead, it comes with some real tools that are used to screw the pieces together. This is a great deal of fun for a young engineer, speaking of which, basic engineering skills are being taught as they follow the simple instructions.

With 110 pieces, the Construct-It! – Off Roader is a fair challenge and a great starter set for those interested in the Construct It range. They can even use their new engineering skills to use the 110 pieces to come up with their own cool vehicles.


Construct-It! – Off Roader Key Features

110 high-quality pieces

Easy to understand and follow instructions

Bring to life a cool high-speed off-road buddy!

Use real tools for construction

A great starter set!

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