How to be a Space Explorer

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How do you pee in a space suit? What should you eat for your dinner in space? What’s the best spacecraft for an exploratory mission to Mars? Buckle up! How to Be a Space Explorer is a practical manual for all aspiring astronauts, packed with jaw-dropping stories from real-life space exploration. Learn how to navigate black holes, slingshot around Jupiter and survive the freezing depths of space. How to be a Space Explorer will blast you into the stratosphere, so strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

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Everything young explorers needs to know to travel in space, covering what life in zero gravity is like, how to find your way around the solar system, and the all-important question of how to pee in a spacesuit! Unique illutrations take kids to the heart of the action and amazing photos show what the universe is really like. Incredible stories of real-life space exploration for kids and makes the perfect present for every aspirant astronaut!

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