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For kids who love video games, especially games like Minecraft or even old school retro games, the Pixel Pix series of books is going to give them hours of entertainment as they create their own pixel worlds.


The Pixel Pix series of books teaches children about the wonders of the world of pixel art. This style was popularized by the hit video game Minecraft. With these books, children can have fun learning about pixel art, but they will also be taught how to create their own pixel art one pixel at a time!

This fantastic set features three Pixel Pix books, each one has its own style with different pixel creations for your children to bring to life.


Pixel People: In this book, bring pixel people to life one pixel at a time. Create all kinds of pixel people ranging from a brave pixel pirate to a gross and creepy looking pixel zombie who is looking for pixel brains!

Space Adventure: Head to a pixelated outer space here! Create a whole host of pixel space fun with this book. Children can learn to make many space things such as an alien UFO and a cool pixel space destroyer looking to take over the galaxy!

Pixel Planet: For a very vast kind of pixel art experience, this is the perfect book! There is no limit to what can be created here. This ranges from things such as a pixelated velociraptor, a pixel superhero, and a pixel deep-sea diver to name just a few.


Key Features:

  • Children who love video games will love these books
  • These books are a great way for children to embrace their artistic side
  • Plenty of pixel art lessons!
  • Each book has a unique theme
  • Children will learn to create their own pixel art

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