Rainbow Unicorn Tie Dye

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Let your creative juices flow with these customizable DIY Tie Dye Sets from BMe!
Available in Unicorn, Galaxy & Mermaid Vibes!

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This fantastic Rainbow Unicorn Tie Dye set is the perfect way for a funky kid who loves to look cool and who also likes to make things to have some fun. With this set, they can give any of their old t-shirts a bit of unicorn magic!

Kids who love to stand out and who love unicorns will get a great deal of fun out of this set. No matter where they are, people are going to notice how cool they look. This Rainbow Unicorn Tie Dye comes with three different bottles of magic dye that is going to make any shirt pop to life. Included are blue, purple, and light blue bottles of dye and when they are all mixed together the results are very funky indeed!

Breathing life into an old shirt is nice and easy as the instructions break down each and every step of the process. It takes no time at all to do this and any child with a creative side to them is going to get a real kick out of this. Included is a sheet of stickers that let them slap a unicorn on their new shirt and it even comes with a cool bandana which is very handy for them to test their new tie dying skills on!


Please note that this set does NOT come with a t-shirt.


Suitable for ages 6 and up.


Key Features:

  • Kids who have an interest in fashion and who like to make things will love this!
  • It is a very easy, but fun process
  • It comes with a bandana which they can use to practice
  • The three bottles of dye are all cool colors
  • They will love getting the chance to be a clothes design!

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