Sydney Harbour, Sydney, 1000 Piece Puzzle & Sorting Tray

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Puzzle Master Jigsaw Puzzles are the ultimate in puzzles for puzzle fans. They capture some of the most amazing scenery from all over the world and challenge you to put it together. It also comes with 6 sorting trays! These make organizing your puzzle so much easier and a lot more fun too! If you fancy yourself as a puzzle master, Puzzle Master Jigsaw Puzzles are for you!

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The Sydney Harbour is one of the most amazing places on Earth and this high-quality puzzle captures it perfectly. Puzzle Master Jigsaw Puzzles are the very best when it comes to making great-looking puzzles. The image they have used here is so clear and crisp that you will feel like you are there! They really have captured the Sydney Harbour perfectly here and the high-quality card the puzzle pieces are on ensure that it will look smooth, crisp and awesome once you have put all the 1000 pieces together.
Puzzle Master Jigsaw Puzzles know puzzles better than anyone. That is why as well as 1000 high-quality puzzle pieces. This set also comes with 6 very useful puzzle trays. These are extremely handy and anyone who enjoys putting together puzzles is going to really appreciate these. Getting your pieces organized before you start has never been as easy as this!

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