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The Self-Winding Top Hold the little bracket on top, pull the string and let go, and this toy top spins like a dervish and rewinds the string automatically by the magic of physics, saving hours of exhausting string-winding. Maybe it has that classic-toy feel because it uses no fossil fuel resources at all to do it! This colorful toy that even hums while it works

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Simply pull the string and this top spins, whistles and changes colors, delighting children everywhere
Very easy to use, just hold the bracket and pull the string; it even rewinds automatically saving time and eliminating frustration
It’s hours of fun as you make it spin faster and faster
At 3.5 inches it is the perfect size for small hands

From Schylling Toys, the world leader in traditional toys and classic fun, it’s the magic Whistling Tin Top. As if by magic, this top appears to change colors as it spins, delighting children everywhere. It’s very easy to get it spinning. Just hold the bracket, pull the string and off it goes spinning, whistling and changing colors. It even rewinds the string automatically, saving time and eliminating frustration. At 3.5 inches it is the perfect size for small hands. For ages 5 and above.

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0019649227891 CDU

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