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  • Mr Pattacake The Complete Collection

    The Mr Pattacake series tells the delicious stories of a goodhearted, eccentric chef and his lazy ginger cat, Treacle, who loves to eat! Something always goes wrong when they’re on the job, so it’s up to Mr Pattacake and Treacle to save the day … and the food!
    Full of bizarre characters and disastrous adventures, join in the hilarious antics as chaos is dished up with a double helping of madness, and a side-serving of fun.

    $99.80 inc GST
  • Hopeless Heroes The Greek God 5 Book Collection

    This five book collection follows the adventures of Tim Baker as he travels back in time and meets legendary Greek Gods. Only, sometimes they make his life a little complicated…
    Hopeless Heroes is a fun-filled series about Greek mythology, adventure and what it means to be a hero. Readers aged 6+ will love diving into the world of Tim Baker and his (sort of) friend Hercules.

    $69.99 inc GST
  • The Diaries of Robin’s Toys

    The Diaries of Robin’s Toys tells the stories of second-hand toys that Grandad buys for his grandson Robin. Grandad has a magical power that he uses to make the toys tell their own stories and they soon discover that the older the toy, the more interesting its story could be.

    $99.80 inc GST
  • Danny Dingle’s Fantastic Finds

    Follow the outrageously entertaining adventures of Danny Dingle, the schoolboy inventor, and his best friend Percy as they collect cool stuff for their box of fantastic finds and pull out all the stops to beat the evil genius Gareth Trumpshaw.

    $41.99 inc GST
  • Apley Towers Books 4-6

    In the shade of the Giant’s Throne Mountain, and on the coast of the Indian Ocean, Port St. Christopher is home to Apley Towers; a riding school for girls and boys young or old, who learn what it means to be a true horse rider.

    $41.99 inc GST
  • Apley Towers Books 1-3

    In the shade of the Giant’s Throne Mountain, and on the coast of the Indian Ocean, Port St. Christopher is home to Apley Towers; a riding school for girls and boys young or old, who learn what it means to be a true horse rider.

    $41.99 inc GST
  • The Morrow Secrets Trilogy

    The Morrow family has its fair share of secrets. For Tallitha Mouldson, though, they will become the only things that matter. On a quest to uncover the truth, she will be taken on a dark journey across untold lands and into the sinister world of evil itself.

    $41.99 inc GST
  • Danny Dingle’s Fantastic Finds – The Farts of Gratitude

    How do you hide a super-secret spy operation? Use your boring family holiday as a cover! (OBVIOUSLY.) G.A.G. is Metal Face’s super-cool new band, and Danny and Percy are determined to copy their idol and make some noise. They’re not alone: the whole school is obsessed! With Battle of the Bands on its way, the disaster duo faces their greatest challenge yet. Can they put on the show of a lifetime? Or will it all go up in smoke?

    $13.99 inc GST
  • Danny Dingle’s Fantastic Finds – The Mighty Iron Foot

    Danny Dingle – menace to his neighbours and threat to their pets – is back? When a freeze-ray demo leads to the death of Mr Nesbit’s prize-winning chameleon, Danny and Percy are sent to jiu-jitsu lesson to ‘learn some discipline’ – YAWN! Instead their friendship is tested as never before. Can building the world’s greatest killer robot bring them back together?

    $13.99 inc GST
  • Sherlock Holmes The Three Students

    Mr Holmes – I beg for your assistance. I cannot engage the police. If news of this dreadful scandal were to reach the public, the reputation of this university would be utterly destroyed. A leisurely research trip turns into a race against time when Professor Soames comes to Holmes and Watson with a bizarre mystery. Three students are suspected of cheating – can Holmes solve the case in time for the examination to go ahead ?

    $12.99 inc GST
  • Sherlock Holmes A Study In Scarlet

    Body thought to be that of E.J. Drebber discovered last night in empty London house. No obvious cause of death. Address given as Cleveland, Ohio. Any information would be appreciated. After a mysterious murder leaves the police baffled, the world’s best amateur detective is aksed to investigate. With Dr Watson at his side, Sherlock Holmes sets about uncovering a quest for revenge that runs far deeper than anybody suspected.

    $12.99 inc GST
  • Sherlock Holmes The Sign of the Four

    Be at the third pillar from the left outside the Lyceum Theatre tonight at seven o’clock. You are a wronged woman and shall have justice. Do not bring police. If you do, all will be in vain. When Holmes is aksed to look into a cryptic message received by Mary Morstan, neither he nor Warson expect to be drawn into a decades-old web of betrayal. Soon they’re conducting dangerous moonlit expeditions to uncover the meaning of the sign of the four, and resolve a long-buried crime.

    $12.99 inc GST
  • Sherlock Holmes The Blue Carcuncle

    A valuable jewel known as the Blue Carbuncle was stolen from the jewel case of the Countess of Morcar yesterday. A reward of £1000 has been offered by the countess for information leading to the stone’s return … While the police work to trace the missing diamond, Holmes attempts to reunite a Christmas dinner and its owner. But when the detective comes across the jewel, Holmes and Watson find themselves in a race against time to save an innocent man’s life.

    $12.99 inc GST
  • Sherlock Holmes The Speckled Band

    It is with great sadness that we report the death of Miss Julia Stoner of Stoke Moran. The cause of death remains unknown. The mysterious noises last heard around the time of Julia’s death are back. Her sister Helen knows it is simply a matter of time before she suffers the same fate. There is a dark plot afoot, and the only way to catch the culprit is to walk into a deadly trap …

    $12.99 inc GST
  • Sherlock Holmes The Red-Headed League

    The Red-Headed League is looking for a new member to assist with minor tasks. The salary for this position will be four pounds a week. All red-headed men in good health and over the age of twenty-one will be considered. After Jabez Wilson’s well-paid position with the Red-Headed League ends with no warning, he asks Holmes to find out why. What starts out as a straightforward investigation turns into a midnight stake-out as Holmes attempts to prevent a shocking crime.

    $12.99 inc GST
  • Sherlock Holmes The Reigate Squires

    William Kirwan, coachman for the Cunningham family, was killed last night defending his master’s property. This is the second break-in to occur in this area in under a week. Keen to help Holmes recover from a particularly stressful case, Watson arranges for them to visit a friend in the country. But after a robbery baffles the local police, Holmes is drawn into a web of lies, blackmail and murder. It’s up to him to identify the villians – if he survives the case, that is . . .

    $12.99 inc GST
  • Sherlock Holmes The Naval Treaty

    Watson, so you think you could bring your friend, Mr Sherlock Holmes, down to see me? My position at the Foreign Office seemed safe until this horrble disaster. I fear my career is ruined! War becomes a real threat after a top-secret document is stolen from the Foreign Office. But why has the theif waited ten weeks to sell the treaty? Holmes and Watson are plunged into a world of international diplomacy only to find that danger can come from unexpected quarters.

    $12.99 inc GST
  • Sherlock Holmes The Sussex Vampire

    Sir – Our client, Mr Robert Ferguson has made an enquiry concerning vampires. Holmes and Watson take on their strangest case yet when a distraught husband comes to them desperate to understand his wife’s weird behaviour. He’s caught her sucking the blood of their baby son! But there’s no such thing as a vampire . . . is there ?

    $12.99 inc GST
  • Sherlock Holmes The Vieled Lodger

    Seven years ago a disturbing incident took place in the village of Abbas Parva. Mr Ronder, owner of Ronder’s Wild Animals Show, met his end after an escaped lion attacked him. Holmes is confronted with an old mystery when he is summoned to visit a lady who refuses to show her face. A grisly crime committed seven years ago has had terrible consequences, and it is up to Holmes to save the veiled lodger from her own conscience.

    $12.99 inc GST
  • The Sherlock Holmes Children’s Collection : Shadows, Secrets and Stolen Treasure

    A simplification of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, perfect for young fans of mystery books. A great introduction to classics for children aged 7+.

    This ten book set includes A Study In Scarlet, The Sign of the Four, The Blue Carbuncle, The Speckled Band, The Naval Treaty, The Sussex Vampire, The Red Headed League and The Three Students.

    $129.90 inc GST
  • A Case Of Good Manners – By Karen Carter

    12 mini board books in a glossy carry case with handle. Perfect for young readers and parents.

    $39.99 inc GST